maybe the end and beginning is an encounter

Maybe facilitates experiences through experimental sound, artifacts, & gatherings.

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Maybe is essentially a mixture between a metalabel, collective, studio, and press.

Because the practice of making anothers' vision real is the practice of hope.

What do we release? Maybe is media-agnostic, releasing artifacts that might vary from sound, software, to the single-purpose. Artifacts might also look like gatherings, written word, prompts.

Objects embody ideals, and very simply we exist to legitimize, touch, make real, and distribute the work & vision of our loved ones.

To make what it means to 'make' less final and definitive, instead more collaborative and generative.

To run fun artistic experiments, create social engagements, and document our beliefs in life at some point in time — so that another may believe in it again, even if we stop.

What does an artifact come out from? Artifacts are the result of conversations. The beginning and end is an encounter.

“Some art works impress us so deeply on first encounter that they become events in our lives.”

Nothing is finished; everything is grounds to be built upon. A shared, continued vision.

Why do you create this way? Specifically, we're interested in media ecology and the formation of experiences. Less stand-alone materials but worlds that have been co-created, built upon, and lived in.

This is an act of love. Maybe is simply a practice of gathering & realization. It’s rooted in the imagination and crafting of worlds we cannot live without; the act of making tangible these worlds and seeing them carried in our co-creators and consumers; in how our capacity to share is inseparable from our capacity to survive (Fred Moten).

Maybe is about interconnectedness and the recognition of human interdependence. From the augmentation of one form with another, a method of creative collaboration, to the creation of ‘experiences’ rather than ‘products’ (which are to be lived in rather than consumed).

The creative process is the act of recognition. In slow consumption against the commercial, we immerse ourselves in experiences and engage in more meaningful emotional dialogues with the artifacts we consume. In creation, we solidify our ways of seeing and further legitimize their being by creating pathways to them.